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For every $50 you spend with us, you’ll sponsor 1 meal for charity, and we will match that with a +1 meal. That means for every $50, TWO MEALS will be provided FREE to a charity that takes care of food-insecure children and youths who have to be at home this April & May 2020.



If you buy $150 of our meals, not only do you get free delivery, you will be on the leaderboard for +3 SPONSORED MEALS & we will match +3 more meals for TOTAL 6 MEALS sponsored to the family in need. ūüĒ• We will then arrange to deliver the meals (at our cost unless we get volunteer drivers) to the charity who will sign for the meals and post that receipt online! (No recipient’s photos will be posted to protect the child’s privacy and rights.)


This project is made possible by our awesome customers who give us their blessings to support others in need during this difficult period. We are grateful for the chance to cook extra for those who need food in SG. Because of your strong community spirit, we made a LEADERBOARD for the meals you have sponsored for transparency.

This is the best of times and the worst of times. We can mutually support each other, and get through this period because WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! #SGunited #BeGreaterSG #MealShareSG

If you know of any food-insecure child or person who needs a meal, we’ll be happy to allocate our food resources to help them. We do need your help because we are still a small team and cannot do all the logistics on our own. If you volunteer to RUN the meals to their homes, we can prep the meals. ūüėĄ

Please be patient with us as we work out the details starting on 06 April. ūüôŹ Be safer! ūüáłūüᨠWith love from all of us, Team @NutrifyMeals.

Update 31 May 2020:

2,374 meals were issued for April & May 2020 sponsored by patrons + matched by Nutrify Meals
Week 1: 336
Week 2: 346
Week 3: 274
Week 4: 292
Week 5: 294
Week 6: 290
Week 7: 274
Week 8: 268

Update 26 May 2020:

In partnership with TRYBE SINGAPORE, an Institution of Public Character (IPC), a member of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS). We currently have 11 food-insecure families with 1 to 5 children / youths / elderly in each family needing daily meals over this next 60 days due to loss of jobs, poor health, and lack of resources.  270 meals  delivered on 13 April 2020. | 270 meals  delivered on 20 April 2020. | 265 meals  delivered on 27 April 2020. | 250* meals  delivered on 4 May 2020.  | 280* meals  delivered on 11 May 2020.  | 255 meals  delivered on 18 May 2020.  | 270 meals  delivered on 25 May 2020.  | Final deliveries 255 meals on 1 June 2020 & remainder 259 meals on 8 June 2020. The remainder meals will be issued the following week.Each family will receive vacuum-sealed proteins, carbohydrates, vegetables that they can portion out to share daily.

Previously, 7 families – 18 recipients in queue: 36 meals x 7 days = 252 meals.
Currently, 11 families – 25 recipients in queue for meals:
2 meals daily x 25 children / youth / elders only*
= 50 meals x 7 days
= 350 meals needed for a week
(estimated meals to be confirmed by Trybe weekly)

*List given to NutrifyMeals by TRYBE SINGAPORE excludes other adults in the family, only persons under 21 years of age or seniors.

Family 1 Youth currently living alone and recently lost employment; has living expenses and is struggling to get resources for basic necessities. 1P
Family 2 Single parent with 2 children, with no active income and very little savings, is not eligible to receive aid from schemes and is trying to meet food needs. 2P
Family 3 Young couple with infant estranged from family and currently housed in a temporary environment in need of meals.  2P
Family 4 One parent is ill, second parent has been cut from work shifts with enough groceries for 1 week, but uncertain for the following weeks with 3 mouths to feed. 3P
Family 5 Parent unemployed due to current changes. Grandparent affected, other parent is unwell with 2 children. 2P
Family 6 A large family. Parent had a pay cut. Lives with grandparent, together with 4 children and a baby. 4P
Family 7 Youth currently living alone, and job affected by current changes. Has no financial support from family and is struggling to secure food. 1P
Family 8
Parent had a sudden stroke in March, and other parent is a cleaner with unstable shifts. They have 3 children. Non-perishables only. NP 3P
Family 9 A single parent supporting 5 children by working 3 part-time jobs. Since the CB, income has been affected and parent needs help to provide for the five children. 5P
Family 10 Youth lives with grandparents and supports them financially, but has now lost job due to CB; aspires to pursue higher education in the future. The family currently has no income. 3P
Family 11 Youth with younger sibling requires food aid. Requested meals for 1 pax only. They are running out of savings for food. 1P
Family 12 Youth lives with grandaunt, Parent has passed away and has minimal support for food; currently working odd jobs. 1P

Anyone who wishes to provide for a food-insecure family with 1 or 2 months of non-perishable provisions, kindly contact TRYBE SINGAPORE, Nicole.Kuek@trybe.org ; for prepped meals direct sponsorship, please contact Lin@NutrifyMeals.com – we will reflect your contributions on the Leaderboard.

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child:

UNCRC Article 24 (Health and Health Services)Children have the right to good quality health care, to safe drinking water, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help them stay healthy.

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TOTAL Meal Count for #MealShareSG Week 1 (Orders No. 66 to 179): 336 MEALS.
270 meals  delivered on 13 April 2020. The extra +66+ meals is carried over to Week 2.

TOTAL Meal Count for #MealShareSG Week 2 (Orders No. 180 to 335): 412 MEALS.
270 meals  delivered on 20 April 2020. The extra +142+ meals is carried over to Week 3.

TOTAL Meal Count for #MealShareSG Week 3 (Orders No. 336 to 466): 416 MEALS.
265* meals  delivered on 27 April 2020. The extra +151+ meals is carried over to Week 4.
*Note: Ramadan request for fewer meals from recipients, we currently have 21 recipients.

TOTAL Meal Count for #MealShareSG Week 4 (Orders No. 467 to 588): 443 MEALS.
250* meals  delivered on 4 May 2020. The extra +193+ meals is carried over to Week 5.
*Note: Ramadan request for fewer meals from recipients

TOTAL Meal Count for #MealShareSG Week 5 (Orders No. 589 to 743): 487 MEALS.
280* meals  delivered on 11 May 2020. The extra +207+ meals is carried over to Week 6.
*Note: Ramadan request for fewer meals from recipients

TOTAL Meal Count for #MealShareSG Week 6 (Orders No. 744 to 878): 497 MEALS.
255* meals  delivered on 18 May 2020. The extra +242+ meals is carried over to Week 7.
*Note: Ramadan request for fewer meals from recipients

TOTAL Meal Count for #MealShareSG Week 7 (Orders No. 879 to 017): 516 MEALS.
270* meals  delivered on 25 May 2020. The extra +246+ meals is carried over to Week 8.
*Note: Ramadan request for fewer meals from recipients

#MealShareSG Leaderboard¬†‚Äď CURRENT MEAL COUNT¬†WEEK 8
From 24May to 30May 2020: OPEN ______+(+246+) MEALS
#MealShareSG Week 8 
sponsorship starts from Order No. 018 after 9AM on 23 May to 23May; Request for 270+* meals, delivery on 1 June 2020, Monday. *Note: Meal count to be confirmed by TRYBE on 30 May. Any excess meals will be conveyed to the same families in the following week, or we shall seek out another children’s foundation to deliver the food to in June. Thank you, patrons, for your support in these past 2 months.


For any questions or queries on the meal sponsorship, kindly email Lin@NutrifyMeals.com for clarification.

Updated: 26 May 2020