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Here’s what’s new with Team Nutrify and the stuff we’re working on to support a healthier Singapore with our food and our team personalities. Each of us here brings our own blend of humour and ideas to share with the world which we hope will get you inspired.

01 September 2022: Summer-Autumn Menu

Happy Teacher’s Day! Thank you to all of our teachers, mentors, guides, and critics who got us this far and push us further. Team had a hectic time managing our current inflation (not enough chicken, oil, drivers) and we’re grateful you still choose us again. We’re glad to serve you more. We hope you like this current menu. We hope you are well, and take care of your health come what may. Frankly without health, it’s hard to accomplish much else. Why spend money on hospital bills when you can feast and do what you love? Ok, we love you too, time to cook again. 🙂

26 January 2022: Spring Menu is on!

Wow, where did Winter go? 🙂

09 September 2021: Autumn is here

Everyone on Team Nutrify is fully vaccinated! Yes! Singapore is getting used to the “Great Covid Reset” for new norms of doing things. We will find a way to do things better and be stronger. We are dependent on many external suppliers that if resources are halted, we can’t feed our family. We have a new appreciation for the value of food independence and being self-sufficient. We have to be mindful and prevent food waste.

15 July 2021: Kitchen 2.0 with Cinnamon Apple protein muffins

Spring swishes to Summer. Something new is cooking at City Gate Mall. 🙂 Team Nutrify is getting vaccinated in turn.

15 May 2021: Covid 2.0 Update

It’s gonna be okay, eventually.

1 January 2021: Here we go!

Team Nutrify pledges to improve with PRECISION and QUALITY to bring you macros that you love for your health journey with us in nutrition. Team plans to have more fun and foster a fitfam community spirit to bring out the best that we are together!

2021, BRING IT ON!
Thank you for choosing to grow with us and giving us the chance to serve you more!
❤ from all of us at Team Nutrify

14 November 2020: Christmas is coming

Remembering our official gathering for 10 customers to try our meals for the first time at Marina Square which clashed with the SCBM event that caused a massive jam in town. Looking back, we have grown a little more. Now we’re making Christmas boxes to express our gratitude for our patrons who have been with us for this past year.

23 October 2020: Oats & Raisins Protein Muffins

A face-palm moment when our batter mix raisin ratio per muffin resulted in a customer having 22 raisins and others having 1 or none (SORRY! SO SORRY!); 35% got more than 5 raisins while 65% got less than 5. We should have done the rationing better, Chef will now personally put his hand to each cup and ensure raisin equity.

11 October 2020: Launch of TikTok MAKING THE MACROS

We have a new K-team in the kitchen training with Chef Andrew since September and they are fun – the sponstaneous, cheerful type. Team Nutrify version 2.0 with Andrew, Nigel, Hafieza, Michael, Ivan (left to right), Jim, Shirley, Fabian, and Lin (invisible cloaks on). Our first decent group pic with team tees, yay!

Season 4 launch for some new items which tasted great when Chef Andrew did it on a small scale for experiments. The litmus test is when it scales up and becomes hundreds of servings that micro-issues start to surface in hand-made items, like certain parts of meat over-marinating. We are glad to have trusted patrons who give us constructive feedback on how they like their meals. We make it a commitment to address all issues from the size of muffins differing in each batch made to taste tests that were too sublime for customers who like more sauce. We hear you and we’ll make it better!

30 August 2020: Launch of Food For Thought inspo cards

It’s been quite the year and we wanted to have a reminder of the courage everyone has shown so far. So we’re doing a series of cards called FOOD FOR THOUGHT this season to say WE BELIEVE IN YOU. Even if we have to go through a global crisis together, life’s adventures go on.
I’m sure our team’s challenge this year is in producing the meals with just Chef Andrew and two delivery helpers in the first week of lockdown and being particularly anxious about suppliers running out of raw materials – which happened by the way. It’s a big test of adaptability and optimism. What an adventure that’s been in retrospect – it’s like surfing (or SUP-ing) on a tsunami. Without a life jacket.

What a team we have working together too. 🙂 Here’s to the Covid Team @NutrifyMeals – Michael, Andrew, Lin, Alicia, Elias – for making it through from March to August 2020. And to our awesome patrons who are patient and understanding about the situation we’re in.

20 August 2020: the NM kitchen didn’t exist this day one year ago.

We started sharing bits and pieces about the team on IG stories; I guess we are inspired by the way our community is currently sharing online, and at 3:45am thought why not join in the fun and get to know others? Especially since IG stories gave us a memory flashback one year ago when we legitimately had nada – no kitchen.

3:45AM: Good morning, world! Morning reflections on gratitude.
We’re just the type to work harder at doing better. Fortunately for us, we have the abundant energy of 20-year-olds, because most of us working here are not yet close to 30. Surprise!

Yes, including Chef Andrew who’s waaay younger than you think and did a great job holding the kitchen fort throughout covid season in the last 6 months. He’s literally a one-person army producing at maximum level 800 meals ON HIS OWN. Hence, we have conferred him the private title of being NutrifyMeals Kitchen King. He’s only recently added two part-timers to his team and his kitchen team is undergoing training.

And then there’s Chief of Muscles, Michael whom most of you would be familiar with if you’ve heard his amazingly friendly vocals when you call us. It’s either him or Elias on the phone. Michael is the resident IT guardian, the Operations Master, the One who engineered it all – Nutrition & Discipline is key. He stood on shoulders of a Primal giant.

Behind the scenes, we have two other awesome interns in the last 6 months and a fairy godmother working their magic to keep the team spirit going. The story continues, of course. It has been great fun throughout the sweat and tears, yes, tears included and those will make a great story one day. Just not today.

So we’re going to open up a can of… protein… while we share with you our takes from behind-the-scenes.

Interestingly, the team is comprised of 90% introverts who prefer to do a good job and retire into books and podcasts. (10% for serving you Above and Beyond the Call of Duty – our team ABCD motto.)

We’re looking forward to interacting more with our patrons, and this is our baby step forward to understand what our customers need more of with an exchange of ideas online.

We still have a long way to go but look how far we’ve come since we started re-building a year ago with a few key goals in mind – to serve healthier nutrition that we eat together so that we can take care of others. Zero, we started with zero at this point. This is a story of faith and discipline and teamwork. This is a story of setbacks and emotional rollercoasters and tough decisions. This is also a story of hope that even with the best of plans sometimes improvising works better. To have a flexible and resilient mindset to respond to current situation as-is without emotional baggage so that we are ready for more challenging times because just when we think the situation is stable, along comes more lessons in life. For free. School never taught us outside the box; life did.

ps: The introvert in us is concerned about clogging the world with our mundane lives. Then again, precious few read these days, especially since most prefer instant stories, tiktoks, and youtube.

15 August 2020: Season 3

June, July, and half of August went by in a flash as we sorted out Season 3 menu and did some new logistics planning which is partly due to the covid situation that we have to adapt to. We wanted to make it easier for our patrons to have slots convenient to them so we dedicated Sunday and Wednesday for delivery services. However we received requests that some preferred having Monday morning slots because they want the food to be sent to their offices instead of their homes. So the team is back to the drawing board to adapt yet again!

The covid pandemic has affected our global food chain in many ways for those keeping up with the news – from lack of transportation services that caused food wastage to potential contamination that our Singapore Food Agency is doing its best to take care of:

The Singapore Food Agency said it is monitoring developments closely and will take the necessary actions to safeguard food safety here, though there is no evidence to show the virus can be transmitted to people from food or food packaging. – Straits Times, 15 Aug 2020

The good news is our team is quick to adapt to changes in the market, like when we discovered that the supplier sent us batches of vegetables or sweet potatoes that we couldn’t serve, we were able to quickly tell our patrons about it and exchange the item for another item on the menu. That is one advantage to being a smaller prep company – we can adapt swiftly to changes beyond our control. Honestly, we are grateful to serve our regular patrons with food that you love to eat. We eat the same food too as a team to make sure you get the best from us.

28 May 2020: Supporting

Wow, our 8th week of #MealShareSG, we’ve been honoured to serve these past two months. From June to August, we will donate 5% direct from purchases on ; we narrow our focus to charities or campaigns for children as we believe they have a greater chance of making this world a better place when they become adults.

7 May 2020: NUTRIFYPREP + It’s Going To Be OKAY

Introducing also, where you can easily order 1 kg of special prep proteins that are diabetic-friendly options to help you and your family through this period. We sincerely hope you stay safe and healthy through these next few weeks. It’s going to be okay, eventually.

4 May 2020: #MEALSHARESG

We’re working on #MealShareSG at the moment. It’s something the team believes we can do together with our awesome community who are already eating our food. We have been planning to share our healthy food prep with food-insecure people and now we get to serve; we are grateful for this opportunity to help in what little way we can. Originally, we were in discussion with a centre that had 20+ children staying in, however they pulled out at the last moment citing logistics, and by fate, Trybe contacted us for help to provide for 17 children & youths (adults not included) on 07 April; it has grown to 25 recipients on 4 May.

We delivered the first batch of 270 meals on 13 April. With the extended period declared, we will continue to serve this sponsorship for April and May as long as we have our patrons and community supporting us. This period has been tough on many people in different ways. We hope to spread a bit of cheer around during this time with what little we can. Hopefully the food itself makes you smile already.

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