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Here’s what’s new with Team Nutrify and the stuff we’re working on to support a healthier Singapore with our food and our team personalities. Each of us here brings our own blend of humour and ideas to share with the world which we hope will bring a smile to your daily routines.

28 May 2020

Wow, our 8th week of #MealShareSG, we’ve been honoured to serve these past two months. From June to August, we plan to donate 5% direct from purchases on above $50. We narrow our focus to charities or campaigns for children as we believe they have a greater chance of making this world a better place when they become adults.

7 May 2020

Introducing also, where you can easily order 1 kg of special prep proteins that are diabetic-friendly options to help you and your family through this period. We sincerely hope you stay safe and healthy through these next few weeks.

4 May 2020

We’re working on #MealShareSG at the moment. It’s something the team believes we can do together with our awesome community who are already eating our food. We have been planning to share our healthy food prep with food-insecure people and now we get to serve; we are grateful for this opportunity to help in what little way we can. Originally, we were in discussion with a centre that had 20+ children staying in, however they pulled out at the last moment citing logistics, and by fate, Trybe contacted us for help to provide for 17 children & youths (adults not included) on 07 April; it has grown to 25 recipients on 4 May.

We delivered the first batch of 270 meals on 13 April. With the extended period declared, we will continue to serve this sponsorship for April and May as long as we have our patrons and community supporting us. This period has been tough on many people in different ways. We hope to spread a bit of cheer around during this time with what little we can. Hopefully the food itself makes you smile already.