Team Likes

What is your favourite food?

HAFIEZA: Nasi Briyani. A basmati rice dish flavored with spices and rose water. This aromatic rice is the base for all meat briyani. It can be served separately, topped with a choice of curries.

IVAN: Cai Peng (Mixed Rice). Specifically broccoli/cauliflower + prawn paste fried chicken + steamed egg + white rice. It has all the nutrition and variety to satisfy my cravings.

FABIAN: Fried Hokkien Prawn Noodles. I can eat this for the rest of my life – the silky yellow and thick noodles accompanied with the thick broth from the prawn shells and prawn meat is an unbeatable combo for comfort food.

NIGEL: Beef Steak, medium. Especially from Hot Tomato because of its premium steak at a cheap price.

ANDREW: Congee. Specifically, plain congee; sometimes I like it with sweet potatoes. Taste-wise can be rather plain but that’s the best part because you can really taste the plainness that comes out from the rice and a little hint of sweetness from the sweet potatoes.

LIN: Potatoes – in any form – baked, fried, mashed, made into soup. It goes with almost any sauce and protein. If I want to sink into details, potatoes grown in volcanic soil! Come to think of it, any food grown in volcanic soil is delicious.

What is your favourite tool?

ANDREW: Watches. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but I always like to be early for everything because it’s kind of satisfying to feel early. It’s not about keeping track of time or whatsoever. I also have like a whole range of watches I keep.

IVAN: Watch. I always keep track of time for everything I do; eat, sleep, work, binge series, memes. Not to feel restricted but rather to watch for opportunities to discover or complete more things. Yes, I got a phone but wrist watch is fashion ya know.

LIN: Pen. I write. A lot. Those iridium-tipped collector edition rare pens that never break, feel as though every word written is royalty fascinate me but are too heavy for regular use. I have a quill too, the feather type you dip into a pot of ink. Someone gifted me an astronaut’s space pen that writes upside down without gravity. And if all else fails, I’ve got 2B pencils. These days, it’s the Samsung Note S pen for me.

HAFIEZA: Air diffuser. I use my air diffuser every day because I like smell nice scents and it makes me relax my mood.

FABIAN: This may sound unconventional, but an umbrella. It’s a tool that may not seem like much, but it’s always there when I need it most during rainy days in my bag. It has saved me countless of times.

NIGEL: My kitchen knife. It can be used to prepare my meals. I use my knife daily and I can’t do without it. If I ever get stranded on an island, a knife would be one of the most handiest tool a person can get.

What’s your favourite book?

NIGEL: 30 Lessons in 30 years. This book helps me to broaden my perspectives through the different possibilities in life. The author is Ray Tan and he started from the bottom 1% earner to top 1% earner in Singapore when he chose to be an entrepreneur. Similar to my course of studies, this book really inspired me to try out different things and see things from different angles to solve challenges.

FABIAN: The Percy Jackson collection. It may be a fiction series, but it’s my favourite genre- Greek Gods and Mythlogy. It’s a book series about him, the Son of Poseidon venturing in the huge world of Greek Gods and meeting others, while meeting the more evil beings such as Gods of War and Hades.

IVAN: The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski. I enjoy reading fictional books in general. I came across this book after I played the game (The Witcher 3) which so far is the best story mode game I have ever played. The story revolves around a hired beasts hunter with supernatural abilities to subdue wild beasts and monsters.

LIN: The one book I’ve read many times and still get emotional over – The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It reminds me about life and people; easy for a child to read, just as deep to move grown-ups.

HAFIEZA: I don’t have any favourite book. But back then when I was a teenager I like to read novels.

ANDREW: Honestly, I hate reading books. No reason for that. Just plain simple Hate.

Any pets? Or most desirable pet?

ANDREW: Golden retrievers. But knowing that I will never be able to own one due to the housing rules in Singapore, I went for bunniesinstead. And surprising they are actually much better then dogs. They don’t make noises and damage anything you own. Plus, they are very good listeners too! I have 2 buns named Miso & Nutella!

NIGEL: I don’t currently own a pet, but I would like a dog in the future. I prefer smaller dogs such as toy poodle and pomeranian. I prefer small pets because they take up less space and are easier to maintain in the long run. I would name it Puffy because the dog species I’m interested in are mainly puffy and fluffy.

FABIAN: Golden retrievers. Their species are known to be incredily loyal, and they look beautiful eapecially once grown up. No matter what size they grow to, they will always be lap dogs. Basically having a best friend for life if you own one.

IVAN: Bulldog. Adorable when they are young, tough-looking when they grow up.

LIN: I prefer my pets to be in the wild, and friendly – bird, elephant, alpaca, fish. They’ll be lots happier to have their own natural habitat and I’ll be their extra fan bringing them the occasional treat. It’ll be nice to have space for them to just be and grow.

HAFIEZA: Cat. I like cats because they are cute and fluffy little creatures. I like it when they purr and come to cuddle. I have a lot of cats. But here, I’ll list my previous cats’ that have died: Lola, Dani, Dino, Belang, Milo, and Bell.

Your ideal country to live in or visit?

IVAN: Norway. One of my goals in this lifetime is to see the northern lights in Norway. The country also has many scenic places which I imagined myself retiring there.

FABIAN: Thailand, Bangkok. I’ve been there once in 2015, and I love the culture. The bargaining culture during shopping, the affordable and delicious street food, the friendly people and exotic attractions. I love everything about Thailand.

NIGEL: Australia, specifically Sydney. It has four seasons instead of just summer. The lifestyle pace in australia is slower as well, so living there doesn’t feel as rushed and hectic.  Additionally, there are many cuisines there which serve food suitable to my taste. I have been to Australia many times in the past and that is the one place I feel like going back to.

HAFIEZA: Spain and France. I found both languages are beautiful as their country. The reason I want to goes to Spain because of their beaches. For me, they have the most beautiful variety of beaches. Second, France is the best place to eat! I can imagine eatIing their pastries.

ANDREW: Ideal country to visit one day would be Alaska. But the how to get there would be on a cruise! I always wanted to take a long nice cruise all the way to Alaska.

LIN: To live in, I’m rather contented with where I am now. To visit, anywhere new has its charm the first time round for me.